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Stock plants

Bonsai Mujo stocks a range of the most commonly used bonsai stock material, such as Junipers, Black Pines, Olives, Maples, Hawthorns, and figs.​ These species are well suited to Adelaide's climate. Our plant stock is well established and is generally ready to be worked on (please wait for the appropriate time of the year for repotting and hard pruning trees). 


The plants pictured and prices quoted below are indicative only. Please visit the nursery to see our full range of products.



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Junipers (Juniperus Procumbens, Juniperus Squamata and Juniperus Chinisis). Potted in black plastic pots


Price range: $25-$70 depending on size and development

Maples (Tridents - Acer Burgerianum, and Japanese Maples - Acer Palmatum, in plastic containers)


Price range: $100-$350 depending on size and development


We have a range of large field-grown maples

Pines (Black Pine, Pinus Thunbergii). Potted in plastic containers.


Price range: $150-$450 depending on size and development

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