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Intermediate Program

Repotting Techniques (Intermediate - Single Session)


A more detailed and elaborate course in repotting species specific bonsai that includes preparing the pot, securing the tree, specific root work depending on the age, species and stage of the bonsai, and the particular kind of potting mix used to achieve different goals in the next stage of the bonsai's development.


Bonsai Wiring Techniques  (Intermediate and Advanced - Single Session)


The foundation of bonsai design that follows the aesthetic conceptualisation of bonsai styling is wiring. It is sound wiring techniques adhering to a particular design concept that will help develop a tree into a bonsai worthy of display in the future. Bonsai Mujo's comprehensive wiring course offers the student an insight into the intricacies involved in wiring for display as opposed to wiring for training purposes. Disciplined wiring techniques will be taught in a hands-on approach, and the student will learn the subtleties involved in using both copper and alluminium wire for bonsai training and display purposes.


Introduction to deadwood creation techniques (Intermediate - Single Session)


Deadwood creation is often neglected by bonsaists who often feel ill-equipped to deal with this essential aspect of bonsai design. This hands-on workshop introduces safe and effective techniques developed to transform ugly trunk cuts into natural features.  The "minimal carving" approach will be adopted in this workshop. Both machine and hand carving techniques will be presented.


Please register your interest via email at or facebook messenger.

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