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The Bonsai Mujo School


Bonsai Mujo's basic individual and year-long bonsai intensive courses provide an interactive bonsai education geared towards the absolute beginner, intermediate and advanced bonsai enthusiast.


The practice of bonsai does not particularly involve the performance or mastery of fanciful techniques which are infrequently used at best. Bonsai art involves the proper application of basic practices like watering and fertilising, the precise timing for (shoot/twig) pruning/pinching, knowing when to repot a tree, and training our eyes to see the aesthetic beauty hidden in a tree. 


With its hands-on approach to various aspects of bonsai training, the Bonsai Mujo School offers a variety of courses tailored to the above aspects. Individual bonsai tuitions and classes will teach you these basic bonsai skills. More advanced tuitions, including our unique year-long intensive courses, will present bonsai design concepts, species-specific care, specialised techniques such as carving, advanced pruning, grafting, styling and pot selection. Through these courses, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to advance your bonsai skills to a more accomplished level of artistry and horticultural care.


At the heart of Bonsai Mujo's philosophy of teaching is learning to ask the appropriate question at every stage of a bonsai's development. For example, why is it critical that we begin work on a pine bonsai's development in autumn? Why should a particular technique be carried out in winter rather than in spring? Why feed a particular ingredient to a bonsai in any one season? Why prune maples and pines at different times of the year? What are the different kinds of pruning invoved in deciduous bonsai care, and what are the effects of pruning deciduous bonsai at different times of the year? Is needle removal important in a pine bonsai's development, and why? What emotion does one tree design provoke as opposed to another? Why do we carve olive wood in a certain way and wood belonging to a deciduous species in a different way? These are only some of the questions that the Bonsai Mujo teaching team will explore with students throughout the various tutorials offered.


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