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The Bonsai Mujo Shop

Bonsai Mujo sells a wide range of bonsai products to satisfy the needs of those who are starting their bonsai adventure to those with many years' experience.


If you are looking for a product we don't stock, we will try our best to source it for you. This may be a particular pot, a specific tool or a difficult to find plant species (please note that due to Australian quarantine restrictions we don't import plant material from overseas).


Some of our products are made to order such as bending jacks, turntables, bonsai stands. Don't hesitate to contact us with you requirements and we will supply you with a quote.


Please note that the Bonsai Mujo website is being developed and that we don't have ecommerce facilities yet. Consequently, for the time being, all items available on the website must be purchased at the nursery. Our nursery is well worth a visit! 

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