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Bonsai Mujo is a bonsai nursery located at 185 Main North Rd, Nailsworth 5083 (South Australia).


Bonsai Mujo is run by a friendly team of bonsai enthusiasts with expert knowledge in the cultivation and art of bonsai design.


The aim of Bonsai Mujo is to promote bonsai culture by familiarising the public with a hobby that is both personally rewarding and spiritually enlightning. For the Mujo team, education is the key to dispelling the myths associated with bonsai, and making this hobby a very enjoyable one. Bonsai can be practised by anyone who has basic bonsai care notions (see "Bonsai basics" under Tips).


At Bonsai Mujo, you will find a variety of established bonsai, pre-bonsai and bonsai stock to be developed. The nursery also stocks a range of high quality Yixing pots (mostly hand-made), as well as tools, wires, special potting media (different grades of Akadama, Kanuma, Pumice, Diatomite and Pine Bark).

The Bonsai Mujo team is always happy to help and provide advice on all bonsai matters, whether you are a customer or a visitor. The nursery also offers a number of comprehensive hands-on programmes of group or individual tuitions, as well as a range of services such as bonsai design, maintenance and development.

We hope to see you soon at Bonsai Mujo!

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