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Bonsai Mujo offers the following services:

One-on-one tuition
For those who want to deepen their knowledge of particular aspects of bonsai culture, bonsai technique or bonsai aesthetics, tuition from one hour to an extended period of time can be arranged. (Fee negotiable depending on the project)

Bonsai maintenance, design and development
Do you need help to develop a tree? Bonsai Mujo can help you with the initial design or redesign of your tree, its development and its maintenance. (Fee negotiable depending on the project)

Deadwood carving and maintenance
If you find carving daunting or if you don't have the equipment, why not leave it to us? Bonsai Mujo's carving specialist will either suggest designs or work to your specifications. (Fee negotiable depending on the project)

Bonsai maintenance/service

Looking after a bonsai collection can be time-consuming and hard physical work. Bonsai Mujo can perform a variety of seasonal tasks for you, such as repotting, pruning and fertilising. (Fee negotiable depending on the size of the collection)

Bonsai health diagnostic
Is your bonsai not looking its best? Bring it to our expert for assessment and advice. (
Fee negotiable depending on the bonsai)

Bonsai in the community
Bonsai provides a head-space away for the hustle and bustle of life. As bonsai projects are long-term projects that require planning and focus, we believe that "doing bonsai" has therapeutic qualities and may be beneficial to a variety of people young and senior. Please call us to discuss how we can help.

* Additional cost for potting materials/wire may apply.
** Additional cost may apply for travel to clients' premises.

To enquire about any of the above services, please contact us.







The Mujo team working on a large olive


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