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Bonsai Enthusiasts at Bonsai Mujo

Ever since I received my first bonsai for my 21st birthday from a good friend, I have been bitten by the bonsai bug. I thought it was an amazing piece of art and I immediately wanted to learn how to work on these beautiful trees. I asked him to teach me, and not long after, I started working with different species of bonsai trees at his nursery, Bonsai Mujo.

From the moment I stared working on these trees, I loved it. I began learning the different basic techniques of repotting, pruning and wiring, and will be learning more as I go along.

Doing bonsai calms my mind. I am able to just focus on the tree and envision what I want to create. It is an eye-opener learning about the different species of bonsai, and learning how each tree is different from the other is informative and great. Every time I start working on a new tree, I feel my knowledge growing and my skill improving, and I just can’t wait to do more bonsai! It has become an addiction.

I also went for my first dig recently with two friends and dug out a massive olive stump, which was a big job, but well worth the effort. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to see how a bonsai can be will be transformed from a stump.

This has been my adventure with bonsai so far, and I’m certain it will progress a lot further as I continue to learn from my experience.

Photo: Michele Cappocia at Bonsai Mujo working on a Japanese white pine with Lynton Warner observing his every move.

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