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Bonsai Mujo Nursery
185 Main North Rd, Nailsworth SA 5083
Sales enquiries: 0410695837
Maintenance enquiries: 0422380009 


Bonsai Fundamentals & Maintenance Class
Saturday 7/10/23 (10am-1.15p
Saturday 4/11/23 (10am-1.15pm)

Bonsai Nursery opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 
11.00am to 5.00pm
Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

PHOTO GALLERY (click here)

Bonsai Mujo sells a wide range of bonsai, bonsai products and various plants:

- bonsai (stock plants, starter bonsai trees and established bonsai)
- wide range of quality bonsai pots
- extensive range of bonsai tools, accessories & wire
- Japanese cut paste 
- Japanese potting media (akadama & kanuma)
- Imported potting media (pumice & orchid pine bark)   
- Local potting media (diatomite & bonsai pre-mix) 
- bonsai stands, driftwood & raffia
- orchids, Tillandsia air plants, spanish moss etc...
- gift vouchers
Our high quality & very hard triple line grade AKADAMA  from Japan is ideal for bonsai, cacti & succulents, carnivorous plants and for general planting. Also popular for aquariums!
We provide the following services:
- One-on-one tuition
- Bonsai Maintenance, design and development
(pruning, styling and repotting)
- Advice on a wide range of bonsai related matters
We hold the following bonsai classes:
Bonsai Fundamentals/Maintenance Class (click info'n)
Saturday 7/10/23 (10am-1.15pm)
Saturday 4/11/23 (10am-1.15pm)
Olive Bonsai Design & Maintenance Class (click info'n)
Autumn Fundamentals Class (click info'n)
History of Bonsai Class (click info'n)
Beginners Bonsai Desgin Class (click info'n)
Pine Bonsai Intensive Course (click info'n)
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