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Bonsai Mujo Nursery
185 Main North Rd, Nailsworth SA 5083
Nursery Tel: 0410695837

Bonsai Nursery opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 
11.00am to 5.00pm
Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

PHOTO GALLERY (click here)

Bonsai Mujo sells a wide range of bonsai, bonsai products and various plants:

- bonsai (stock plants, starter bonsai trees and established bonsai)
- wide range of quality bonsai pots
- extensive range of bonsai tools, accessories & wire 
- Japanese potting media (akadama & kanuma)
- Imported potting media (pumice & orchid pine bark)   
- Local potting media (diatomite & bonsai pre-mix) 
- bonsai stands, driftwood & raffia
- orchids, Tillandsia air plants, spanish moss etc...
- gift vouchers
Our high quality & very hard triple line grade AKADAMA  from Japan is ideal for bonsai, cacti & succulents, carnivorous plants and for general planting. Also popular for aquariums!
We hold the following bonsai classes:
Bonsai Fundamentals/Maintenance Class (click info'n)
Saturday 25/03/23 at 10am - 1.15pm
Olive Bonsai Design & Maintenance Class (click info'n)
Autumn Fundamentals Class (click info'n)
History of Bonsai Class (click info'n)
Beginners Bonsai Desgin Class (click info'n)
Pine Bonsai Intensive Course (click info'n)
We provide the following services:
- One-on-one tuition
- Bonsai Maintenance, design and development
(pruning, styling and repotting)
- Advice on a wide range of bonsai related matters
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